5 Great Tips To Make Calamansi Give Fruits

Citrus X citrofortunella mitis, commonly known as Calamansi or Calamondin, is a popular citrus fruits tree that is grown for its edible fruits and ornamental appearance. The beauty of Calamansi lies behind its fruits. However, before giving you tips to make Calamansi give fruits, we will give you a short overview of this plant.

Calamansi originates from Philipines. There are three main varieties of Calamansi which are dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard rootstock. All these three varieties are capable of producing fruits if they are provided with adequate growth requirements. The shortest Calamnsi variety does not exceed 6 feet in height. However, the tallest variety may grow up to 25 feet. If you want your Calamansi trees to bear fruit, you should pay attention to:

  • Location
  • Daily care
  • soil
  1. Location

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For best results, you should plant your Calamansi tree in a sunny spot. Besides, you should make sure that the sunny spot you have chosen is a south-facing position. The position you are going to choose should not be shaded by any other trees or plants. Even a partial shade can prevent your trees from producing fruits.

2. Watering

You should water Calamnsi trees regularly. Keep the soil constantly moist for your plants. When you are watering, make sure that the soil absorbs the water. You can see it moving into the ground. Watering should be done weekly.

It is recommended to use a drip irrigation to water Calamansi trees because they require the soil to be moist down to 3 feet deep. If you want to verify the depth of the moisture, you should use a moisture meter.

Proper watering is a key factor of fruiting. Therefore, you should avoid overwatering and underwatering.

3. The soil

You will need to use a well drained rich soil. The soil should contain a lot of organic matter. It should also absorb the water well. You can till the soil adding compost and perlite to create the ideal soil for growing Calamnsi. A nutrient-rich well-drained soil will encourage your Calamansi to produce fruits.

4. Fertilizing

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You can apply a citrus fertilizer to your Calamansi trees. During the growing season, your plants will need a lot of nitrogen, thus use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

5. Mulching

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Organic mulch is highly recommended to apply on Calamansi. It will not only keep moisture in the soil but it will also provide your trees with more nutrients. Besides, mulching prevents diseases and weeds.

These are the best tips to make Calamansi give fruits. Follow these tips and you will encourage your trees to produce fruits. However, these tips alone are not enough. In order to have a healthy productive Calamnsi tree, you should know more about it here. 

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