How To Avoid These 13 Things That Can kill Plants In Containers

4. Too little or too much sunlight

Everyone thinks that all plants loves the sun but they can be wrong , there are some that  shade needs or require part shade. According to experts, the plants themselves can tell us if they are getting the right amount of light or not. For example, If the plant gets more sunlight the leaves might change color and can become scorched or brownich . On the other hand, if you notice that your plant is “stretching its neck” toward the light or the leaves are excessively bigger then they definitely need more light. You should know is that when the warm climate plants are grown in colder zones (whether they are grown there in full or part sun), they require full sun. Similarly, the temperate plants in warm tropics grow best in part sun or shade.

5. Moving or changing position of plants

Plants do not like being moved constantly, they get used to the place they are placed on. If one of your plants is thriving correctly under certain temperatures and conditions, avoid moving it to another place as it could make difficult for the plant to adapt to its new place.

6. Incorrect soil



It is recommended that you do proper research about the soil type before planting any plant .Each plant species has different planting needs and soil requirements. . However, well-draining soil is used to avoid root rot in containers . You can make your own light and crumbly soilless mix or buy an organic potting mix of good quality.

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