7 easy steps to create a decorative vertical succulent garden

A vertical succulent garden is an excellent way to decorate your indoor. Besides being a low maintenance garden that does not require much attention and care, it is also extremely beautiful and ornamental. It will add so much natural beauty to your indoor space.

Additionally, a succulent is a tough plant. It can tolerate drought, abuse, and many other poor growing conditions. Thus, it is an excellent choice if you are seeking a garden that will last for years.

This article contains 7 easy steps that will show you how to create a decorative vertical succulent garden. Follow these steps and you will an extremely wonderful vertical garden that looks like the picture below.

vertical succulent wall

1. Required materials

succulent wall planter

Before giving you the instructions to create a vertical succulent garden, you should make you sure that you have all the required material first. These materials are a tape to measure, a chicken wire, a hammer, nails, a pencil, glue, a succulent potting mix, 4 sticks or a frame, a piece of board,  a staple gun, a wire cutter and of course the succulent.

Once you gather all these materials together, you could start working on your vertical succulent garden. Don’t forget to follow the below steps.

2. Step one

diy plant picture frame (3)

The first step is to build a frame. Take the pieces of wood and join them together. You could stick them with glue or nail them with nails, it is up to you choose. Either way, make sure they are stuck well.

3. Step two

succulent picture frame 2

Now, once the frame is ready, you need to cover its back. A plywood is a perfect choice to cover the frame from behind. Measure and cut the plywood in accordance with the dimensions of the frame. It is also advisable that you make your vertical succulent planter waterproof by adding a plastic bag or plastic film over the plywood.

4. Step three

Once you frame is ready, it is time to fill it with soil. As we have mentioned, it is very important that you use a succulent potting mix because it will help your vertical succulent garden survive for several years. You should also stop filling the frame with soil once the soil reaches the edge of the frame.

5. Step four

Now it is time attach the chicken wire on the edges of the frame. You will need a staple gun for it. Of course, if you don’t have a staple gun anything else can do. You should keep in mind that attaching the chicken wire on the edges of the frame is neither necessary nor compulsory but it is a great way to support both the succulent and the soil. It will prevent the soil from falling down.

6. Step five

If you have moss you could distribute it over the soil to help your plants grow better. This is not a necessary step, you could skip it without worries if you don’t have moss. However, moss is always good for succulents.

7. Step six


Now that everything is set, you should start planting your succulents. First, drill some holes in the soil and immerse one succulent plant in each hole. Once you planted the succulents in the holes, cover the holes slightly with soil and then water thoroughly until the soil is moisten.

8. Step 7

Once you are done planting your succulents, don’t hang the frame instantly. You should wait a few days until the plants are used to their planter.

9. Caring for the vertical succulent garden

Position: A vertical succulent garden is very beautiful and very attractive, thus it is fit to decorate any room. Most gardeners use them to adorn their living rooms. In fact, living rooms are the best location for succulent gardens because they allow the succulent to receive the indirect sunlight they require to grow and survive.

Watering: You will need to keep the soil moist only the first few days. Then, when the succulents plants establish themselves, they can endure drought. Therefore, you should start watering them weekly.

These are the 7 easiest steps to create a decorative vertical succulent garden. Follow these steps and you will grow a beautiful decorative vertical succulent garden un your place successfully.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever needed more information. Thank you. Enjoy your succulent garden.

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