How To Avoid These 13 Things That Can kill Plants In Containers

10. Less or no fertilizer

Potted plants depend on soil nutrients and can often require supplements to grow better and healthy besides improving the production of flowers and fruits. Using a balanced fertilizer (easily available) regularly and according to the package instructions, you can ensure that your plants are getting all the nutrients they need. While most of your plants do well with balanced fertilizer, there may be some that require a specific combination of nutrients.

11. Overfertilization

Fertilizers, when used in excess, can damage the roots and it can also harm your plants. Most importantly It can even kill them. it is possible that your plant is suffering from overfertilization and you don’t know about it. These are the symptoms:  yellowing and wilting of lower leaves, browning leaf tips, and its margins, defoliation, slow or no growth.

12. No pinching, deadheading, and pruning


If you desire bushier growth try to pinch the tips of young plants. Also, many flowering plants require “deadheading,” which means  removing the old flowers to grow new ones. When the flours start to fade, wilt or turn brownich you must remove them.

Potted plants also needs pruning too, and on time, some of the fruits and flowering plants produce only on new branches, so if you must not ignore pruning.

13. Exposing to extreme temperatures

Plants have diffrent needs for temperature, if you do your research you will find out which temperature your plants tolorates the best. It is necessary that you protect your plants by keeping them indoors or in a greenhouse during the winter.

If you’re living in a warm climate where summers are hot, protect your plants from the intense sun in summer.

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