How To Grow Ginger Indoors in 9 steps

Ginger is one of the best flowering plants that you can grow indoors. Growing ginger is not only easy but it is also rewarding. This plant comes with many health benefits. Ginger requires only water and patience and water to grow and thrive. There are edible ginger plants and decorative ginger plants. Both, are grown in the same way. If you want to learn how to grow ginger, follow the below tips.

  1. Choose a Ginger variety

ginger varieties

There are many varieties of ginger and all of them are grown in the same way. The most popular edible variety is Zingiber officinale. Ginger is grown from roots and its roots are widely available at nursery stores. When you buy ginger roots, make sure to be specific whether you want an edible plant or an ornamental plant. Either way, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Choose good roots that are free of wrinkles.
  • Organic ginger is extremely recommended
  • Follow the nursery instructions for growing edible ginger.

2. Prepare the rhizome (the roots)

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Once you have a ginger rhizome, you should cut them to prepare them for planting. Make sure that each piece you have cut contains at least one eye. Each piece that has at least one eye will develop roots and grow into a plant. After cutting the ginger, you should leave each piece to dry for a couple of days until the wound heals. It should be noted that that pieces with at least 3 eyes have better chances to sprout.

3. Soil requirement for growing ginger

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Ginger requires a good quality soil that is rich in nutrients. They don’t like to be grown in a heavy soil that contains clay. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a rich potting soil. However, if you want to use soil from your garden, make sure that you add well-rotted compost to it. It is essential that the soil you use is a well-drained slightly acidic soil. PH levels should range between 6.1 and 6.5.

4. The best location for growing Ginger

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Although it is a tropical plant, ginger does not like heavy exposure to sunlight. Therefore, you should place your container in a spot where your plant receives only morning sun only. You should also shield your plant from moist and wind. Ginger usually grows best in partial shade but if you live in a warm or tropical climate, you can also grow it in full shade.

If you are planning on growing ginger in a container, you should choose a container that is at least 12 inches deep. The container should also have a good drainage in order to avoid root rot.

5. Planting Ginger

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The best time to plant ginger is after the last spring frost because this plant can’t tolerate frost. It is a tropical plant that loves warmth. Plant each piece of ginger at least 2 inches deep in the soil. You shouldn’t plant more than two pieces per pot.

6. Watering

After planting, water slightly. You should keep in mind that ginger is a tropical plant, thus, it does not like overwatering. Therefore, check out the soil every couple of days to see whether it is dry or not. Once it is dry you can water your plant. However, it is recommended not to let the soil dries out completely.

With proper watering, you may see a few sprouts in a few days. However, if you don’t see them, don’t give up on your plant. Keep on watering it for a few weeks. Ginger is known to grow slowly if it is not in a tropical climate.

7. Fertilization

Fertilization is not necessary but it is quite recommended especially if your soil is not rich in nutrients. You could apply a complete liquid fertilizer or add some compost once a month.

8. Mulching

Mulching is also advisable to keep the plant warm and to prevent weeds from appearing. Therefore, add a thick layer of mulch to keep the soil warm.

9. Harvesting

You can start harvesting ginger 8 months after planting once the stem dies. You can tell the stem is dead once its color becomes green. You can dig around the plant and remove it or cut off some pieces of it.

This is how to grow ginger in containers successfully. Follow these instructions and you will enjoy a rewarding harvest of this gorgeous plant.

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