11 Wonderful balcony flooring ideas you don’t want to miss

One of the best ways to give your balcony a new look is to change its flooring. You balcony flooring contributes greatly to its beauty. Therefore, in this post, we rounded up a few of the most wonderful balcony flooring ideas that will inspire you. These ideas will turn your balcony into an entertaining beautiful space. Go ahead and check them out.

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Artificial grass is one of the best floorings for balconies. It is budget friendly and sturdy. It can last for years. Besides, it is highly ornamental too. It will make your balcony looks more natural. You can add some planters to your balcony to make it look like a garden.


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If you are looking for a flooring idea that will match up with your balcony garden, you should definitely opt for a wooden deck. It is perfect for both small and big balconies. It will make your balcony looks not only natural but also classy and appealing. Besides, wooden decks are extremely inexpensive and they smell really nice.


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This is one of the smartest balcony flooring ideas. Instead of changing the flooring of your balcony because you are bored of it, you may cover it with a rug. Rugs are beautiful, attractive and above all, they are fairly cheap. You can also place some container gardens on them to hold them and to decorate your balcony.


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This is another beautiful, alluring and cost-effective flooring idea. The flooring is made of a grass turf and covered with a black and white floor cloth. The cloth itself is also beautiful and chic. It is aimed at protecting the grass. This flooring idea will decorate your balcony in a very stylish and contemporary way.


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Wood deck tiles are one of the best balcony flooring ideas. They are very stylish and eye-catching. They harmonize perfectly with furniture and plants. Besides, they are not expensive. They are an excellent decorative choice that will definitely help you make your garden looks absolutely fabulous.


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This is another proof how wonderful wood deck tiles are as a balcony floor. They are very decorative and affordable. You can also paint them in any color you desire. Blue is recommended because it is a very warm and relaxing color. For example, it makes this balcony looks so calm and peaceful.


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This is one of the most astonishing balcony gardens. The beautiful flooring contributes to this balcony’s beauty. These tiles are extremely chic and fascinating. They are suitable for both large and small balconies. They are also affordable but unfortunately, they are not low maintenance.


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Floor fabrics are not only inexpensive and widely available but they are also one of the most ornamental balcony flooring ideas. Using a floor fabric to cover your balcony ground is an excellent choice. A floor fabric just like this one will make your balcony remarkable and attractive.


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Even something as simple as a mat is enough to make your balcony looks gorgeous. If you don’t want to spend time much time working on your balcony flooring, this will be an ideal choice. It is inexpensive and you can have it covering your balcony ground in no time.


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A good quality artificial grass will make your balcony looks this stunning. The artificial grass is beautiful, low maintenance and tough. Make sure you choose a good quality one. It may be a bit expensive but it will last for years and it has a very exceptional green color.


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Wooden planks are one of the best materials for balcony flooring. They are perfectly capable of transforming your balcony for a dull space into a pleasant space. Besides, they are not expensive and you can install them yourself if you have certain DIY skills.

These are the best balcony flooring ideas. These ideas will transform your balcony into a pleasant, beautiful and entertaining place. Moreover, these ideas are very affordable. Anyone can afford to duplicate one of these ideas.

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